How to overcome fear and anxiety and take back your health

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The rise in fear and anxiety is palpable in our world today. If we were to only listen to mainstream news and the outpourings of Government officials, we might well be excused for bolting the door, pulling down the blinds to hide quivering under the duvet. Creating a climate of fear can be a powerful manipulative tool for controlling people who do not understand how to manage their well-being, have strong faith, or practice of mindfulness to thwart its effects. Fear can turn to panic if we don’t know how to dissipate the thoughts behind it or channel it into action for our health and happiness. It can take away our dreams, cause depression and despair, and disempower us as a sovereign and divine-human being. Thankfully it does not have to be like this when we know how to disarm its causes and effects. Here are 5 ways that you can take the fear out of fear and bring peace, calm, and vitality instead.


1. Change your self-talk.

Success or failure in life is mostly won in our minds, which is why the fear of death or character assassination can be used to crush those who might otherwise speak up against tyranny, greed, or injustice. Fear can also be used by coaches to motivate and cajole us into reaching new heights of performance when the fear of failure becomes too much to contemplate, and the extra adrenaline can help raise our game. What we say to ourselves is potent medicine or poison to our spirits. Dr. Masuru Emoto showed quite profoundly the effects that thoughts and words have on our bodies. Learning to be mindful and using positive affirmations to support ourselves, our loved ones, and people, in general, helps to promote the confidence and love that can give us the strength to speak our truths. Words of kindness and compassion, praise and respect, and desire and faith, can help us to keep going during times of difficulty and challenge. Saying to yourself consistently an affirmation such as “I can handle this”, “I will not give up”, “I deserve to be happy and successful”, “I am a holy child of God” or “I am a man or a woman of peace and calm”, can all help to shift our emotional state by changing our inner conversation. You can handle anything if you believe and tell yourself you can.


2. Remember the purpose of adrenaline.

Adrenaline is here to help us. It is as natural as hunger and thirst. Its purpose is to enable us to move faster and stay alert to achieve a goal, by affecting our blood pressure and our metabolism. Like a natural rocket fuel, it can aid us in getting out of trouble or rising up to new levels of achievement. It is likely to occur whenever we are called to break through a comfort zone, one that will give us more competence and confidence, so that we can fulfill our potential and deepest desires. How we respond to the release of adrenaline can make all the difference between life and death, success and failure, happiness, and misery. With practice, we can learn to work with it, lessen panic and anxiety, and empower ourselves to step forward and enjoy the challenges we face. By recognising that adrenaline is here to encourage us to move upwards and onwards or make peace with an emotional wound or self-limiting belief, we can breathe in, focus our intention, and determine to take our next step. Let adrenaline become a familiar friend of change and transformation in your life.

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3. Face your fears with help if necessary.

Fear of death, harm, ridicule, shame, spiders or failure diminishes when we face up to and encounter its root cause. This can be achieved by gradual desensitisation (slowly becoming used to the cause of fear in small incremental steps) or very quickly using NLP and EFT to reprogram our thoughts, memories, and how we feel and see things. To dare is to do, and every time we do, we grow. The beauty is that overcoming fear can happen quickly when we know how or are shown how, and are reassured of our own inner strengths and resources. It becomes natural to grow wiser, brighter, and more fearless when we determine to live life with love, desire, determination, and know-how. Sometimes we just need to forgive and let go, fall down, and get up again. When you determine to face your fears and not shrink or give up, you can live fully and expansively once again, starting now, by taking action yourself or messaging me or another for assistance to help you on your way. 


4. Learn how to change the emotional spin of fear to peace, and anxiety to calm.

Breathing, tapping, and internal state management are worth their weight in gold when it comes to reducing the effects of fear. Breathing is such a simple and yet so often overlooked tool in dealing with fear and anxiety reduction, even amongst those who know this to be the case. It is remarkable in its effects on countering causes of stress as is learning to find out where and how fear and anxiety start and expands in your body. You can learn to notice its shape, color, and how it moves. Once you have its pattern, you can reverse this, and replace it with the color and feelings of calm and peace. You can learn to tap on yourself using the Emotional Freedom Technique. You can anchor in a state of peace into your body. Combined with positive affirmations and taking action, it is possible to remove the emotional effects from the memory of stressful or traumatic situations and create a new level of inner calm and presence. Seeking out somatic body medicine and practicing it regularly can help you face new fears as they arise, and allow you to grow with each new challenge.


5. Live from the love of your heart and soul.

Of all the things you can do to tackle fear, this is perhaps the most difficult, and yet it offers the greatest reward; freedom from worldly fears. Finding the place within your being that lives beyond thoughts of wrong and right doing is an ancient calling within humanity. It calls you to something bigger than any story of worldly struggle and separation. To understand and experience that you are not your body and thoughts is a huge relief and revelation. We are all united in spirit and connected to a Source that arises from a place beyond time. This is the true spiritual path – to open up to the divinity within ourselves and others beyond fearful behavior, and the rules, roles, and competition that the world around us can present. It is not an easy path for everyone, and yet it holds a timeless key to releasing fear for those who wish to live from the love of their soul, the love of their Creator. It is why mindfulness and sharing love is on the rise as an antidote to fear. We are being called to live from our original state of being to save the world from the suffering of separation. In stillness and with faith and practice, we can expand our consciousness to connect with one another and our Source, or God, that created our eternal existence beyond and within a form, from its own eternal being. The truth will set us free. This truth can set YOU free!


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