Finding Salvation in the Peace of Your Soul

Jun 9, 2020Soul0 comments

What are You? You are the light of the world.

There is an essence inside all human beings that lives beneath thoughts of self-limitation or self-promotion. It is our natural state, created pure and divine, that can bring salvation to a world of fear, competition, and separation. It is a powerhouse of being that is devoid of judgment, malice or self-doubt. Here, we can experience a knowing that feels timeless. It is the source of our common humanity. In stillness, or with guidance, we can awaken to this divinity and wash away anxiety, anger or sadness. It is our metaphysical light that can illuminates our paths so we can enjoy our lives together.

The Saboteur Card

How can I experience myself?

When it is safe to do so, take a moment to place your hands on your heart, shut your eyes, and allow your breath to deepen rhythmically. Allow all thoughts to quieten and focus only on your breath, breathing in slowly and breathing out even more slowly. As you relax ever deeper, bring your awareness to simply being alive in your body. Feel the movement of your lungs as they remove toxins and replenish your cells with oxygen. Feel the beauty of your own being, a child of the Universe, born from an eternal place before time.

“Feel the beauty of your own being, a child of the Universe, born from an eternal place before time.”

New Dawn

Letting Love and Happiness Be Our Guides

By regularly checking in to our inner sanctuary of peace and truth, we can live a more congruent life. We can learn to question our thoughts and determine whether they serve our highest purpose and best interests or not. Are they loving? Are they kind? Are they wise? We can completely change our lives through how we relate to our thoughts, our bodies, and the world around us. Our state and energy levels matter. If we feed ourselves well, mentally, spiritually, and physically, we can bring all our resources to bear for our emotional lives. We can make better decisions by understanding why we make them and how. Our choices matter, they create our life’s quality.

Fear- Fatasy-Ghost-Man-Darkness

See the Innocence and Beauty in Our Self and Others

If we truly wish to live a happy and fulfilling life, we have to see the innocence in ourselves and others beyond the surface of appearances and judgments. We can do this by tuning in to the heart of who we really are, becoming not only comfortable in our own skin but joyful at the beauty of life. It is about making and keeping our inner peace. It is about forgiveness, making amends, and going forward from now on end like a presence of love and light in the world. The past is over, and with new commitment and determination, we can look out upon this day with joy and love. We are holy innocent, and we can play our part to remind others by living this truth today. May you be happy, may you be a light and a friend to all.


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