Five core values that can change your life.

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Five core values that can change your life.

What are the most important core values that shape the way you live your life? What principles define your character and behavior? Is it courage? Is it resilience? If you had to pick your top five, what would they be? Here are five core values that will change your life if you practice them diligently.

The Saboteur Card


This is a virtue that allows us to see others and life on a more level-playing field. From a place of respect, we can drop judgments and see people and situations differently. The world becomes a more interesting place. We can add value to it, put our garbage in the bin, cut others some slack, see the wonder of nature, and enjoy our lives a lot more. Respect contains grace and honour. It allows us to see into the eyes of another person and recognise the common humanity we share beneath any label of gender or societal role. With respect we can communicate our needs in non-violent ways and enjoy each other’s gifts and differences. When we practice Self-respect we can show up unedited in our full potential and speak our truth.

New Dawn


When we are honest with ourselves about our hopes and our fears, our strengths, and our weaknesses, we are lighter and brighter in the way that we show up in our world. We do not have to cover up mistruths or pretenses, and it is, therefore, easier to ask for help, admit mistakes, forgive, and move on in our lives. Truth really can set us free from being hampered and held back by thoughts of self-attack or of a fantasized reality. Truth, like love, can act as a guidepost for our decisions, enabling us to work for our highest purpose and the common good. What is your relationship to truth? How truthful are you being with your Self and with others right now? Are you speaking your truth

Fear- Fatasy-Ghost-Man-Darkness


Integrity allows us to stay true to our principles, our loved ones, and our community. It is closely allied to truth, for without it, integrity is meaningless. Integrity enables us to move from self-centred thinking only to the consideration of others. It is a hallmark of great leadership, as it is not always easy to stay principled in a world of duplicity and blatant lies. Acting with integrity is a high calling and is an act of love and true courage. Keeping our word to others, and to ourselves when no one is looking, keeps in integrity. It is not about being rigid; it is about being honourable, considerate, and resolute. With integrity, we can walk tall and play our part in making this world a better place.

Fear- Fatasy-Ghost-Man-Darkness


Forgiveness can be a much bandied about a word that is hard to practice in life, especially if we have harmed or wronged. It can seem weak or unjust to forgive. It is however a powerful practice that can free ourselves from being attached to pain and suffering. It is a way out of the darkness and begins to make sense when we realize that it can end our own suffering. It does not mean placing ourselves in further danger; it does mean letting go of the emotional trauma that can remain for years. As a practice, it can increase our levels of tolerance to minor upsets, and reduce or remove more major causes of pain. By finding and removing the hurts or mistakes of our lives, we can reduce stress, end trauma, quieten anger, and say goodbye to old resentment. Happiness and peace of mind return with every act of real and lasting forgiveness.

Fear- Fatasy-Ghost-Man-Darkness


Love may not be the first value on a list but it is perhaps unrivaled in power and effect and can be felt right in our core. It is an expansive feeling that wells up from the heart when we connect to another with deep affection. It is an art form and a practice that increases the quality of life. It can calm upset, soothe pain, and bring us back to a place of wisdom and inner peace. When we extend love from our hearts to the hearts of others it can act as a bridge between us. Love truly can guide our way. It makes life sweeter and more beautiful when we give it our time and attention, and it brings joy to our encounters. The practice and presence of love can change almost anything.

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