Rites of Man – A Card Deck for Men with Companion Book

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Rites of Man is a book and card deck for men and those interested in life from a masculine perspective. 



There are 69 aspects of life and 1 wild card, all about You, and the wild and precious life that you are here to live. Each card is superbly illustrated to depict each aspect and capture its mood, meaning, and intensity. You can use the deck on its own or refer to the book, which can also be used on its own as a source of contemplation on all 70 aspects. Whilst the book is available for purchase directly from amazon, the cards are not for the time being.

3 reviews for Rites of Man – A Card Deck for Men with Companion Book

  1. Cathy Traynor (verified owner)

    Just bought this book and cards from Ian and cannot wait to read it along with the cards…Kath introduced the book and cards in her teaching sessions which contain great insight and wisdom and I thought “I must buy this book with cards” These will be a great asset in any therapy and coaching session to use with clients. The service was fast, efficient, went very smoothly and arrived safely, I would recommend this service from Ian to anyone. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you again Ian

  2. Anne Marie Morello

    The reflections in Rites of Man are profound and heart-felt. The explorations in every theme and archetype pulsate at the frequency of true wisdom and have the power to connect with you on a deep emotional and spiritual level. Having said this, the reflections are also practical and earthy in nature and some are playful too – reminding us not to take ourselves too seriously! A wonderful balance of energies in this thought-provoking book. The artwork in the cards is beautiful too.

  3. Angela Ferguson

    My book and cards arrived yesterday. It was uncanny! My fiancé randomly chose a card; the mother wound. This was so close to his core issue. I then read the father wound to him which is his real problem and we tapped on that. It was amazing. Straight to the problem as soon as I opened the packet. Kath said that happens! He has never felt good enough for his dad or that his dad loved him. Consequently he still wants/needs that approval at 50. We got it down to a two. So fantastic to have his exact issue, right there, on the page and he didn’t have to explain it. The guy is not a talker! Thank you very much. 💖💖💖

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