Rites of man

Rites of Man provides a powerful set of tools for men interested in the underlying forces that shape their lives.  For each topic, there is an overview, a detailed description, and both virtuous and unhealthy behavior, a summary, and self-inquiry questions to help you live your best life.


The seventy topics in Rites of Man provide an opportunity to determine what you may need right now in your life to make your best decisions. As well as looking at positive qualities, the book addresses the shadow side of life, examining sensitive topics to stimulate thinking and inquiry into how you may have acted in the past, where you are now, and where you can change to make the most of your talents and opportunities.

What gives your life meaning and purpose?

What turns you on, fires up your spirit, or caresses your soul?

What encourages or inspires you to keep going when the chips are down?

What acts of leadership can you make today for the benefit of all?

Just for today, how can you be a man of peace?

Each one of us can take the helm at any point in our evolving lives. We can let go of all that no longer serves us and call in all that can take us forward toward greater freedom, peace, and happiness. Rites of Man, with its soon to be released deck of accompanying cards, is the perfect tool, gift, or resource for improving relationships, career, and quality of life.

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